Green Camaïeu Verrière

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Our Green Camaieu collection is entirely hand made and hand painted by master craftsmen in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. The rich floral design and classical 17th century verrière is a Z.d.G exclusive, made to an exclusive family design in unique emerald green. Traditionally made to cool glasses on ice, we use the verrière for flowers, potted plants or on a desk filled with freshly sharpened pencils. With its hand turned handles and scalloped rim, this beautiful verriere makes a very special gift.

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Product Details

Colour: White / Green

Material: French Faïence

Size: 12.5cm top diameter / 8.5cm base diameter x 12cm height

Origin: Made in Moustiers Saint-Marie, France

Care: Dishwasher safe on a delicate cycle. Do not use a dry cycle as the heat and steam can cause the glaze to crack. Load and unload with care and gentle handling. Hand washing is preferable and recommended where possible.