by Zoë de Givenchy

The way we live with the objects around us, the story they share with us and the memories we make with them feels even more important today. Once we peel away the extraneous we are left with only what is necessary, beautiful and practical.

For me, this is luxury.

Living lightly is synonymous with the way we consume and with what we choose to surround ourselves. It isn’t about how much we have but its provenance - its story - needs to stir a feeling.

I created Z.d.G. in the spirit of family; sharing with you some of our best kept secrets among Europe’s finest specialist artisans. The weavers, potters and painters with whom we work all share the same values of heritage, family and the preservation of ancient decorative arts - making beautiful objects with unique skill and authenticity.

It is an honour to collaborate with these houses from one generation to the next; and to now bring them into your homes; many for the first time.

I am delighted to embark on this exciting journey together with you.