Camaïeu Mug Set of Two, Azur

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Our Camaïeu Azur collection is entirely hand made and hand painted by master craftsmen in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. The floral pattern is a Z.d.G by Zoë de Givenchy exclusive, made to a unique family design employing the Camaïeu technique in French blue. The mug makes a beautiful start to the day on a breakfast tray together with a matching plate and embroidered ivory linen. Dinner, serving and decorative pieces also available for a complete service.

Product Details

Colour: White/ Blue

Material: French Faïence

Size: 9cm height x 9cm diameter 

Origin: Made in Moustiers Saint-Marie, France

Care: Dishwasher safe on a delicate cycle. Do not use a dry cycle as the heat and steam can cause the glaze to crack. Load and unload with care and gentle handling. Hand washing is preferable and recommended where possible. Not suitable for oven or microwave use. 

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